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Ashva Shastra


Hey friends!


Welcome to Ashva Shastra – a creation born out of my love for the equine world from when I was a child. After spending years learning and falling and learning some more, I chose to make this my career and tend to the holistic well-being of these beautiful creatures. Positively influenced from a very young age by the world-renowned Monty Roberts and studying, learning and working with the likes of leaders in the equine world such as Kelly Marks, Michal Maider and Raffaela Ruini amongst others has elevated my confidence, wisdom and hands on experience. This coupled with my passion has set the tone for this special endeavour in Goa, India

My Story

My love story with the pure majestic equine species started when I was introduced to horse riding properly at the age of 10 in my home country of Czech Republic.​

​By the time I was 13 years old, I had 3 horses of my own and that continued my commitment to this love story. With the support of my family and after receiving my first book by Monty Roberts, I was hooked to know more about these wonderful creatures.

I continued riding and went on to learn how to train equines under 2 very well equipped Czech trainers, shortly after which I conducted my first workshop. That was the onset of my journey as a trainer for organized workshops, summer camps, show jumping competitions etc. Moving along, I received my international horse-riding certification in Czech Republic that allows me to compete internationally.


Physiotherapy to relieve equines of pain became a key part of my journey when my horse fell sick. I became a Dorn Method & Kinesio taping therapist  both of which have helped all the equines that I have worked with immensely.

As I finished my graduation, I moved to Italy to learn about the vast world of Natural Horsemanship under the guidance of Michael Maider & Raffaella Ruini who were passionate students of Monty Roberts. I lived, trained and worked with them for a total of 4 years. We became great friends and together we rescued many horses, assisted numerous veterinary interventions and helped multiple equine issues all over Northern Italy.


I also got an opportunity to study under Kelly Marks, the world-famous horse whisperer. While I was in the UK completing my foundation course with her, I took care of 300 horses in the Horse Redwings Sanctuary.

Through my years of traveling I achieved and accomplished more than I could imagine. Every single experience with every horse that I encountered connected me more to them and myself.

Life brought me to North Goa, India a while later and I spent a bit of time finding my footing in this new land. Through my settling in period, I met with a particular incident with a beautiful white equine who I could not save. This experience sparked my soul to create Ashva Shastra – a safe place for the holistic well-being and growth of horses.


Despite the multiple ups, downs, injuries and falls over the years in this journey of mine, this is a piece of my heart that I love sharing with you.

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